We're on the road to Kickstarter!

axiiio has been my professional life for the last 18 months, learnt a hell of a lot along the way. I’m pretty chuffed with how responsive the app is and how accurate and seemless the scale animations feel. CoreAnimation, for all it’s hassle, just plain rocks.

axiiio is a system of 3 core components that allow you to add programmable motion control to any camera rig, that you control over WiFi via the app. You can control up to 4 motors per receiver with the app, in real time, using preset cues, or through a motion program.

There’s a great short intro video on the axiiio Youtube channel.

The app can setup each motor for different roles; tilt, pan, roll, linear motion or lens control. There’s also a set of fine adjustments you can make to ramping, velocity responsiveness and so on. You can then setup your preferred on screen controls to suit your rig; a joystick control for tilt/pan, a slider-style control for controlling velocity (linear axes, rotational axes or zoom control for example), or a positional control for controlling motor position in real time (e.g. for focus control)

The scale for each screen control can display measurements, “wax” marks, cue marks and program marks that are highly accurate to the real position of the axis. Check out the test reel footage of this in action on the Youtube channel.

You can also create 3 types motion programs in the app: video motion, timelapse, and stop motion. Programs and configurations are all exportable and sharable as simple files.

Checkout the Kickstarter launch page for more info.